Preschool Parties DJ

DJ for Children's Parties in Blackwood, NJ

Dave Michaels - Mobile DJ

DMO Productions

Fun Games, toys & smiles!

Two Hours of non-stop fun and games & activities: limbo, hula hoops, freeze dancing, Walla Balla, Big Foot Race, singing our ABC's and popular Disney songs! Dave teaches dances like:

✔ The Chicken dance

✔  Wheels on the Bus

✔ The Cupid Shuffle

✔ Cotton-Eyed Joe & more! 

Every child goes home with a handful of prizes like blink rings, beads, stuffed toys, balls, bracelets and a big smile on their face!


Schools we've Worked with:

Dave Michaels and his company, DMO Productions have worked with tons of different schools throughout Camden County and abroad, here are some of the schools we've worked events for in the past: