Dave Michaels

Radio Personality

During his work with Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT, Dave was interviewed for a short biography. He mentions his father, radio personality Pat Delsi, who was well known all around Delware Valley for as long as Dave can remember. 

Dave knew what his passion was early on in life. He stated in the 2003 interview, "From the earliest days I can remember, I've always been thrilled by radio. Sitting on my Dad's lap while he was on the air was just about the best thing in the world next to ice cream and Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum."


Dave Michaels Radio Personality.jpg

Radio Work

Dave is a true broadcast professional that truly loves what he does. He has always said that to him, the best part of radio is the listeners. When he gets a chance to meet a contest winner or people at a live event it makes his day! Caring about other people has always been one of his top concerns. Due to his long-standing credibility, Dave has worked with radio greats such as Rick Anthony, Jack Lamar, Tommy McCarthy, Bob Pantano and even Jerry Blavat. 

Event DJ

Dave got an early start to his career during high school, when he started dj'ing school dances and other special events. After a few gigs he knew that entertaining people was his passion. He initially got into dj'ing because of his passion for collecting records, but he realized a deeper interest in providing quality entertainment and talking to people. If you'd like to reach out to Dave regarding his radio work or if you need a DJ for your special event, click the button below to give us a call or fill out a form.